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Last mile delivery service to the 99% of Colombian territory. Ideal for the distribution of your sales orders fulfilled at our distribution centers. Effective deliveries between one and two days in the main cities.
For more information contact us by clicking HERE or visit us in one of our wineries (ZONA FRANCA BOGOTÁ, ZONA FRANCA GACHANCIPÁ, CELTA TRADE PARK)
Transporte Internacional


744 37 72


ZONA FRANCA BOGOTA: Carrera 106 # 15A - 25. Manzana 16 Bodega 114B.
ZONA FRANCA GACHANCIPÁ: Vía Bogotá - Tunja. Gachancipá El Progreso Km 55 Bodega 7.
CELTA TRADE PARK: Autopista Medellín Km 7 Bodega 25A.


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